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    Class Builds

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    1 Vagrant
    1.1 Combos
    2 Assist
    2.1 Bill Poster
    2.2 Ringmaster
    2.3 Builds
    2.3.1 Full Support
    2.3.2 High Stamina (AoE)
    2.3.3 Battle Support
    2.3.4 Hybrid
    3 Mercenary
    3.1 Knight
    3.2 Blade
    3.3 Builds
    3.3.1 Knight Builds
    3.3.2 Blade Builds
    4 Magician
    4.1 Psykeeper
    4.2 Elementor
    4.3 Builds
    4.3.1 AoE Psykeeper Build
    4.3.2 PvP Psykeeper Build
    4.3.3 Satanology Psykeeper Build
    4.3.4 Standard Elementor Build
    4.3.5 Hit and Run Elementor Build
    5 Acrobat
    5.1 Ranger
    5.2 Jester
    5.3 Builds
    5.3.1 Ranger Builds
    5.3.2 Pre-level 90 Yo-yo Jester Builds
    5.3.3 Level 90+ Yo-yo Jester Builds
    5.3.4 Bow Jester Builds
    There is one starting class, four first classes and eight second classes in Flyff. The first and second classes become available as you progress and gain levels.

    First Tier (level 1-15)
    Second Tier (level 15-60)
    Third Tier (level 60-120)
    Vagrant - Close combat character with attack skills. Uses Swords, Axes and Shields.
    Mercenary - Close combat character with attack and passive skills. Uses Swords, Axes and Shields.
    Knight - Defensive close combat character with a two-handed weapon.
    Blade - Offensive close combat character that dual-wields two one-handed weapons.
    Assist - Close combat character with healing and support skills. Uses Sticks, Knuckles and Shields.
    Bill Poster - Offensive character with the Knuckle as main weapon.
    Ringmaster - Supporting character with the Stick as main weapon.
    Magician - Ranged character with magical skills of five elements. Uses Staves, Wands and Shields.
    Elementor - Ranged magical character with element magic, uses a Staff.
    Psykeeper - Ranged magical character with psychic and passive magic, uses a Wand and a Shield.
    Acrobat - Ranged character with attack, stealth and passive skills. Uses Yo-yos and Bows.
    Jester - Ranged character with the Yo-yo as main weapon.
    Ranger - Ranged character with the Bow as main weapon.
    Every player begins Flyff as a Vagrant. When you reach level 15 you must choose one of the four 1st classes, and complete certain quests to gain that class. Talking to the NPC Juria in the town of Flaris, you are asked which class you would like to be and are sent on the appropriate quest.

    At level 60 you are able to choose between two more classes to become, which are dependent on what class you chose at level 15. This is your final class that you will use up to the maximum level of 120.

    Once you reach level 120, you can become a Master by doing a certain quest. If you choose to do so, you will return to level 60, but receive various benefits. These include new skills, bonus stat points and a Master emblem next to your name.


    The Vagrant class is the beginning class for all Flyff players. You select a permanent class once you hit level 15 and complete certain quests. What makes Vagrants even more of a tutorial class is the fact that once you select a class at level 15 you get a stat reset. This will allow the player to experiment with how stats effect gameplay without permanent mistakes.

    As a Vagrant you are capable of using three skills:

    Flyff skill cleanhit.gif Clean Hit
    Flyff skill brandish.gif Flurry
    Flyff skill overcutter.gif Over Cutter
    Don't put any skill points on vagrant skills. Save it until you get your 1st job.
    You can drag these skills to the Action Slot bar in the lower right but there are some rules. Clean Hit is what is called a combo starter - it can be used by itself. Flurry is a middle combo skill - it must be used after a combo starter. For this reason you can assign Clean Hit to your F keys but not Brandish, since it requires Clean Hit to be first in the Action Bar.


    Clean Hit

    Clean HitBrandish

    up to Clean HitBrandishBrandishBrandishBrandish
    Clean HitBrandishOver Cutter

    up to Clean HitBrandishBrandishBrandishOver Cutter

    The Assist class is the "support" class. They have skills that toughen, empower and heal themselves and other players. They use either a Stick or a Knuckle. Assists do have the benefit of being able to solo or support due to their buffing skills and since they have a very nice AoE attack (area of effect), the fighting build can level up quite quickly. It's important to know that assists have some skills that require you to wear either a Stick or a Knuckle, although most require the use of a Stick.

    Bill Poster[edit]

    Bill Poster is one of the 2nd jobs an assist can select. This job is usually selected by people who like the fighting type of play: soloing, AoE and such. Usually, most of the points when you're a BP are invested in STR in order to do more DMG.

    They fight with the Knuckle, and have plenty of strong attack skills. As a BP it is still possible to use your Assist buffs (with a stick). Also there are different kinds of Bill Posters, like the STR build which is mostly STR and a little STA.

    A common mistake that people make is telling new players about STR builds and leaving out important details. STR boosts DMG which is very helpful, but remember you have DEX as well. If you just had STR and STA you might live long and deal a lot of DMG but you wouldn't hit very often or as fast or get as many crits or dodge as much. Don’t forget about DEX. Most people leave it out thinking it's useless, but you will notice how helpful it is.

    Not many BPs put up INT unless they're an assault BP or INT AoE BP. Don’t forget that if you accidentally put some stats on INT, it can still be a good thing. It means your buff time is increased and that’s never bad, especially if you use Stone Hand.

    The best thing about Assists is it's very hard to mess them up because they are hybrid characters built to do everything.


    The support type. They level faster and (in high levels) get good money. The play type is usually to connect to a party or find a partner. The Ringmaster (typically) heals and buffs while the partner/party fights.

    However, there are fighting builds of Ringmaster, which can solo and fight by using his buff skills on himself. This type is rare and not all agree on his effectiveness.


    There are four types of assists that can be found that are the most common:

    Full Support
    High Stamina
    Battle Support
    Full Support[edit]
    This type of Assist is heavily dependent on fighting in groups. They solo slower than other builds due to low STR, although they can handle their own okay one-on-one. To create a Full Support Assist, raise STA up to 30 or 40 and put the rest in INT. The FS is unmatched in healing and buffing other players. Since their buffs have time limits based on their INT they can spend more time healing or fighting when they have to. This build can possibly reach high levels quicker than any other class due to their ability to help out higher level players all the while getting power leveled. All buffs are useful to the Support Assist. Second class job change will be Ringmaster.

    High Stamina (AoE)[edit]
    The High Stamina Assist maintains a high amount of HP so they can fight more than one creature at a time. Their staple attack is Burst Crack since it has the ability to hit any targets that are around the character. HS Assists can usually handle up to 10 creatures around their same level at a time HP-wise and depending on the level of Burst Crack, they can defeat them fairly quickly. You can go about making a high STA Assist in two ways. You can bring STR up to around 30 or 40 and put the rest in STA, or put all your points in STA. Skills that are good for the High Stamina Assist are (in order or most to least) Burst Crack, Heap Up, Beef Up, Stone Hand and Cat's Reflex. Second class job change will be Bill Poster.

    There is some controversy over this type of Assist. Since they have the ability to take most if not all of the creatures in a spawn, some people hate this type of Assist. This is in part due to some careless players who did in fact take every monster leaving none for anyone else. There are a few things an Assist can do to prevent this, like only fighting in spawns where there are few people and leaving one or two monsters alone that are near other players.

    There are also other variants of AoE available to a Ringmaster that are more effective for leveling at higher levels (particularly 100+). Merk-only RMs typically go full STA or have low amounts of INT. They use prevention and Merkaba to AoE and do not need an FS to level. Another variant of AoE RM is the more tricky "Mercrack" RM that uses Merkaba and Burst Crack to kill mobs, stacking damage. Mercrack RMs are seen to be more "tricky" and expensive, so most RMs tend to take the Merk-only route for leveling. Apparently, Billposters are not the only AoEing Assists, so their second job change would be Ringmaster.

    Battle Support[edit]
    This is a rare type of build and some argue whether it is effective. This type of Assist can be made in several ways. This is just off of the Full Support build and all of these focus heavily on INT with a secondary focus on STR, STA, or DEX. The reason some like this type of Assist is that their buffs will last, they will be able to solo well, and they can still get power leveled easily. This Assist will use all of the Assist skills. Second job change will be Ringmaster

    The Hybrid Assist is the jack of all trades. They can solo, AoE, and support well but not great. This type of assist can change play style quickly to suit a party's needs. This Assist will make use of all the Assist skills. Second class job change will be Bill Poster.


    Mercenaries are like the warriors of Flyff. They are very powerful and have high HP. They can withstand most blows and can deal very high damage. They usually use Swords and Axes as their main weapons.


    Knights are like tanks. They have very, very high STA and can deal very, very high DMG. They can still use Axes or Swords as their main weapon. For Knight builds, you would need high DEX and high STR. Many people who use Knights cap their DEX at 15 forever and only concentrate on STR and STA. However, because of this Knights tend to miss a lot, and they only use skills such as Splash and Keenwheel, and they are very hard to level up to make an AoE Knight. Because of this, in certain builds, Mercenaries who want to be Knights use a Blade build until they turn into a Knight and then they use a restat. The only problem with this is that restats are very expensive.


    Blades are like ninjas: speedy, quick and very powerful. However, the have low defense and HP, but they make up for it with their high dodging rate, and massive attack. For Blade builds, they level up very quickly due to their great stats. There are two types of Blade builds: one that focuses on STR, and one that focuses on DEX. The STRbuild is more of the one hit, one kill type and the DEX build focuses more on better average DMG. Also the dexterity based Blades tend to hit critical hits more due to their high dexterity.

    full strength

    str. XXX
    sta. 15
    dex. 15
    int. 15
    AoE (small stamina)

    str. 15
    sta. 30
    dex. XXX
    int. 15
    Moderation (fairly useless at later levels)

    str. XXX
    sta. 15-30
    dex. 80 (for aspd increase)
    int. 15

    There are many ways to use your stat points to make a mercenary, but it all depends on whether you're going to make a Knight or a Blade. It also depends on whether it's a strength Blade you will be building or a dex Blade you will be building. There are many variations, but there hasn't been a perfect build. However many go with these builds for a Knight and a Blade. Knights are slow but powerful, they can dish out a great deal of damage. You can put more dex in your build to make the attack speed faster. Blades are strong. Stronger than knights, but Blades lack one thing. Defense. Without a high defense, people who are Blades need to use a lot of food.

    Knight Builds[edit]
    STR - 500
    STA -
    DEX - 15
    INT - 15
    STR -
    STA - 130
    DEX - 15
    INT - 15
    Blade Builds[edit]
    STR - xxx
    STA - 30 to 40
    DEX - 15
    INT - 15
    STR - xxx
    STA - 30
    DEX - 23
    INT - 15
    Note: Mainly for Axe blades
    STR - xxx
    STA - 15
    DEX - 15
    INT - 15
    Note: Only for those who plan on having Ringmaster with them at all times practically. Will miss without accuracy and cannon ball

    The Magician is exactly as it sounds. It is the "mage" of the FlyFF world. They use Wands or Staves to start, but they select one or the other as they become a Psykeeper or an Elementor. Typically, the mage build is:

    STR - 15
    STA - 20-30
    DEX - 15
    INT -
    Most mages NEVER touch STA until they decide to become AoE in their second job. Also, they only put points into INT if they do damage with Spells and Wands. Usually Mages will kill before the monster hits them, though they will live one or two hits. Any kind of critical hit is a death sentence for mages.


    Psykeepers are really Wand users, and some call them Satanologists due to their dark spells. They are able to "glide" on the ground when their wand is equipped. Their spells, unlike Elementors, are neutral, meaning they do not have the advantages Elementors have. However, their spells can be used against all monsters and still deal damage. There are three types of builds for a psykeeper. Satan, crucio, and AOE.


    Elementors are Staff users and they always use element spells. Due to the fact that their spells are elemented, they have many advantages over monsters. Depending on the spell they choose, they can deal extra damage to the monster. They are also good AOEers, and have many spells to choose from, compared to a Psykeeper's eight. Most Elementors go AOE, but they can also go PVP as well.


    AoE Psykeeper Build[edit]
    STR - 15
    STA - 120
    DEX - 15
    INT - XXX
    PvP Psykeeper Build[edit]
    STR - 15
    STA - 80
    DEX - 15
    INT -
    Player vs. Player, PK (Player Killer), PvM (Player Vs. Monster)
    Satanology Psykeeper Build[edit]
    STR - 15
    STA - 15-40
    DEX - 15
    INT -
    Standard Elementor Build[edit]
    STR - 35
    STA - 170
    DEX - 35
    INT - 39
    Hit and Run Elementor Build[edit]
    STR - 15
    STA - 15
    DEX - 15
    INT -
    Used with Wind Field (hard but effective)

    Acrobats use Bows and Yo-yos. They are probably one of the most chosen characters in FlyFF (after Blades). Acrobats focus on doing fast damage and will mostly use only DEX-based Builds.


    Rangers are like mages: they use Bows with enchanted arrows to hit their enemies hard and fast. Ranger skills use MP, but never add "int", cause it hardly increases your mp. you need DEX more! Rangers aren't very popular because you will need to spam your skill to get to level 60 and become a ranger. For the most part, a Ranger hardly touches INT. INT adds a slight damage bonus to Flame Arrow but nothing near to the block, evasion and damage that DEX gives.


    Jesters are played in 2 forms:

    The real Jester, which uses Yo-yos to knock back his enemy and deal great damages without getting a scratch on himself.
    A Bow Jester, who uses the extra critical you get from being a Jester (every 10 DEX you get 4% critical). Because Bow Jesters go for a full DEX Build they will have a 48% bonus critical at level 60, ensuring that they nearly never miss and always crit.
    Only down side is that since a Bow Jester is, now using Bows instead of Yoyos, it lack skills and has become just an arrowing firing Dex Cannon with only Acrobat skills to offer.

    Ranger Builds[edit]
    STR - 15
    STA - 40-50
    DEX - 80-90
    INT -
    For Lvl 90+

    STR - 15
    STA - 112
    DEX - xxx
    INT - 55
    Pre-level 90 Yo-yo Jester Builds[edit]
    STR - xx
    STA - 15
    DEX - 73
    INT -
    STR - xx
    STA - 15
    DEX - 65
    INT -
    Level 90+ Yo-yo Jester Builds[edit]
    STR xx
    STA - 15
    DEX - 41
    INT -
    STR -
    STA - 15
    DEX - 51
    INT -
    Bow Jester Builds[edit]
    STR - 15
    STA - 30-40
    DEX -all here
    INT - 15
    STR - 15
    STA - 30
    DEX -all here
    INT - 15

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